Horseshoe Acres Campground Rules 2016

  • Check in/out

    Check in time is 2:00 PM

    Check out time is 11:00 AM

  • Speed Limit

    Speed Limit is 5 mph everywhere on the park. Please be considerate of the other campers, and most importantly of our children playing at the park.

  • Pool

    Our pool is open from 9 AM until dusk. There is no lifeguard on duty. All children must be accompanied by an adult when they are in the pool area. Please no running aroung the pool, no diving in the pool, no alcohol near the pool or in the pool area, no glass containers in the pool area, no smoking near the pool.

  • Playground

    Our playground is open from 8 AM until dusk. All children must be accompanied by an adult when they are in the playground area.

  • Quiet Hours

    Please enjoy yourself on our park but be considerate of other campers. We ask that all campers observe the quiet hour from 10 PM to 8 AM. All campers should be back in their own campsites by 10 PM. Children should remain in their own campsites until 8 AM. All day visitors must leave the park by 10 PM. All Music and TV volumes should be at a minimum during this time. Please be aware that normal speaking voices carry. Quiet hour is strictly enforced.

  • Trash

    Please dispose of your trash in the dumpsters located near the propane filling station at the front of the park. Please put all recyclable trash in the zero sort recycle bin. Only household trash please! Broken furniture, grills, rugs etc. are not considered household trash and should be taken with you.

  • Fires and Fire wood

    All fires must be in designated fire pits. Please do not move any fire pits. Please be cautious with fires especially during dry weather. Do not bring firewood into the campground from home or any place else. Help us slow the spread of harmful insects and diseases. We have fire wood for sale at the park for your convenience. Please do not remove fire wood from other campsites.

  • WiFi

    The park has WiFi at most locations on the park. Please be aware that this is a shared and limited resource. Please do not use our WiFi to download large amounts of data like movies. Each device will be alotted a limited amount of data in a 24 hour period. If that limit is reached WiFi access for that device will be reduced until the start of the next 24 hour period. There is an upgraded WiFi option for a fee. If you are interested please enquire at the camp store. 

  • Pets

    We love accommodating your pet and want to continue to be able to do so. Please help us keep this a pet friendly park by observing our rules.

    1. All Dogs on the park must have proof that he/she is up to date on rabbies vaccine.
    2. Clean up after your pet - This includes on trails and on the old gulf road.
    3. Keep your pet out of other peoples' campsites.
    4. Keep your pet on a leash at all times except in designated doggie play areas
    5. Please do not leave your pet alone in a camper or campsite when you leave the area.
    6. Please keep your dog quiet. Dogs that make excessive amounts of noise especially after the quiet hour may be asked to leave
    7. Owners are totally responsible for their pets on the park at all times.
    8. Last but not least please remember that not everyone is comfortable around dogs or knows how to tell if a dog is uncomfortable. Please do not approach any new dog without the owners permission. Please be very caerful when allowing a stranger to approach your dog. Aggressive dogs will not be allowed to stay on the park. Call in advance to find out what breeds known to be agressive and may not be allowed on the park. You are totally liable for your pet should there be any claim.

  • Bicycles

    Helmets are required for all riders under 16 yrs old. Please keep your bikes at your site when they are not being ridden. Please do not leave bikes in the roads. Please do not ride bikes through other peoples' campsites. For your safety walk bikes down either of the two large hills. 

  • No Smoking Areas

    Second hand smoke is known to be detrimental to children (and adults). For this reason we ask that there be no smoking in the area between the playground and the game room or from the store to the far edge of the pool. No smoking inside any buildings including the Dance Hall, bath houses, game room, store. There must be no smoking near the propane station.

  • Parking

    No more than two vehicles per site. Extra parking is available near the store if needed. All vehicles in the campground must display the appropriate parking tag.

  • Alcohol

    This is a family park and the use of alcohol is limited to your own site and should not be brought into any of our common areas. Obvious drunkeness or bad behavior associated with drunkeness will not be tolerated.

  • Visitors

    All Visitors must check in at the camp store and pay the day use fee or the overnight visitor fee. Day visitors are welcome from 8AM to 10 PM. ALL Day visitors must leave the campground by 10 PM.

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